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Highest Degree Earned:
As a person, I:
  Am organized

  Am results oriented

  Am very decisive

  Have a strong sense of confidence

  Display good judgment

  Have a strong sense of personal conviction and determination

  Have a high level of internal drive/energy

  Have an above average level of intelligence

  Exhibit personal inner-stability

  Display a high tolerance of others

On being innovative, I:
  Propose new approaches and solutions

  Am willing to take risks

  Look at the problem from a different view than others

  Am able to get others to support new ideas/approaches

I help others to succeed by:
  Valuing their ideas and contributions

  Recognizing and rewarding their efforts

  Developing, motivating and encouraging them

  Understand how to coach and inspire them

  Allowing them to find solutions to problems

I interact with others by:
  Demonstrating two-way communication

  Understanding and committing to the goals of others

  Being able to acknowledge and confront conflicts

  Listening with understanding

  Listening with compassion

  Knowing how to influence others to get the job done

  Stimulating others to view problems objectively

  Being friendly, warm and responsive to others

I am willing to empower others by:
  Encouraging them to make decisions/plans

  Including them in the decision-making process

  Appreciating and encouraging their comments

  Seeking information and suggestions

  Providing them with authority and responsibility

For organizational leadership, I:
  Have a vision

  Communicate my vision consistently and clearly

  Set high, but realistic goals

  Am able to make others see the whole picture

  Develop and articulate priorities

I work within a team by:
  Getting others to focus on key issues

  Contributing with members to find a solution

  Respecting and recognizing the differences of other members

  Knowing how to resolve conflicts

  Being a good facilitator to get others involved

  Helping others to overcome obstacles

  Rallying others to achieve a positive result

  Cheerleading to achieve a sense of esprit de corps

I lead by example by:
  Establishing trust and displaying integrity

  Talking the talk of a leader to get others to follow

  Walking with walk with a strong work ethic and high moral standards

  Being a role model leader for others

  Not asking others to do what I have not done

  Being able to make key decisions when needed